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Commodity Trade & Risk Management Solution

eCTS provides comprehensive support to handle your contracts throughout their lifecycles using commodities specific terms and conditions. eCTS helps you effectively control and track all AR and AP settlements with your business partners.

It is an integrated solution for capturing trade information, compliance and limits monitoring, position and risk reporting and Account Receivables (AR) and Account Payables (AP). This will eliminate much of the manual data reconciliation work typically required in trading operations and as a result, you gets timely and accurate information for decision making.




Manage multiple contract basis. For example, CIF, FOB, Ex-Mill, Delivered, etc.


Supports industry standard templates for PORAM, FOSFA, MEOMA, etc.
Price Term

Price Term

Supports price term for MPOB, Provisional, Manual pricing, etc.
Paper Trade & Settlement

Paper Trade & Settlement

Supports paper trade (string, circles, washout, bypass, etc) and paper settlement (string, bypass, etc)

Core Modules


To store all masterlist information such as Payment Term, Price Term, Inventory Location Master etc.


To generate and view contracts, allocate/de-allocate contracts and link/un-link contacts.


To create load and Gnote and view load integrated from WBS.


To generate AP/AR documents such as Adv Inv, CN/DN, Vouchers etc, plus consolidate AP/AR under one batch.


To add and monitor outgoing/incoming payment.


To create Forex contracts and to hedge the contract.


To set MPOB monthly price basis and report contract to MPOB.


To view reports.

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