GIS Integrated Estate Management Solution

GEMS is the next generation plantation management solutions. Using GIS and GPS technologies, GEMS provides vital decision support and management tools that provides spatio-temporal analysis for site planning, site parameter plotting, real time inspection and traverse recording, & many more.

GEMS supports multiple estate and crops types, and is scalable, making it an ideal tool for plantation organisations of various types and sizes.

Key Benefits

Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • spatio-temporal analysis of various parameters such as yield, elevation, slope, irrigation, work patterns. etc
  • easily mine and analyze data in map format
  • can be integrated with third-party tools such as SAS for comprehensive business intelligence and analytics

Multiple Estate and Crop Type

  • monitor multiple estates using a single device
  • support for different crop type

Modular and Scalable Architecture

  • can be used as standalone solution or integrated with other modules
  • future-proof design ensures product grow along with your business

Efficient Task Management & Monitoring

  • assign, track and monitor tasks visually
  • improve transparency and accountability