e-Commodity Trading System

eCTS provides comprehensive support to handle all your contracts throughout their lifecycles using commodities specific terms and conditions. eCTS will help you more effectively control and track all AR and AP settlements with your business partners.

You also will get integrated solution for capturing trade information, compliance and limits monitoring, position and risk reporting and Account Receivables (AR) and Account Payables (AP). This will eliminates much of the manual data integrated and reconciliation work typically required in trading operation and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

eCTS has been designed with the industry best practices and knowledge to help trader efficiently manage their Sales and Purchases Contract.

It has been used at Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and we are expanding rapidly.

Key Benefits

  • One solution that support from front end to back end office.
  • Manage all physical and financial trading under one system.
  • Able to manage multiple contract terms i.e. FOB, CIF, Ex-Mill, Delivered etc.
  • Support industry standard templates i.e. PORAM, FOSFA, MEOMA etc.
  • Flexible and dynamic price term i.e. MPOB Pricing, Manual Pricing etc.
  • Support paper trade i.e. String, Circle, Washout, Bypass etc.
  • Support paper settlement i.e. String Settlement, Bypas settlement etc.
  • Support contract amendment and cancellation.
  • Able to integrate to any 3rd party applications.
  • Support Forex contract and hedging.
  • GST ready.
  • Can be integrated with own Weight Bridge System to capture loads information.